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The next generation of game makers

More than 550 youngsters took part in the inaugural Australian STEM Video Game Challenge. Teacher takes a look at the winning entries.

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Pastoral care: A 10-step action plan

Regular reviews of policies and practices help to systematically assess pastoral care resources, strengths, needs, threats and opportunities. This 10-point action plan will make the process easy for you.

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Teachers and ICT

How many of your colleagues are using ICT in the classroom? Is social media a commonly used teaching tool in Australia? Find out in today’s Teacher infographic.


The Research Files: Sandra Pattison, Tham Lu

In Episode 7 of The Research Files, Teacher speaks to Sandra Pattison and Tham Lu about an NCVER report that explores whether school characteristics influence student engagement of 15-year-olds.

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Placing importance on relationships

In follow-up to our article on Indigenous student retention, Teacher editor Jo Earp talks to the co-founder of a school in the US that could offer inspiration to educators here.

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Australia's ageing teacher workforce

A survey of Australian teachers and principals has revealed an ageing workforce, which researchers warn has significant implications for succession planning.


School Improvement Episode 4: Ray Boyd

We speak to Ray Boyd, Principal of West Beechboro Primary School in Perth. Since taking on his role, he has introduced a Professional Recognition Program to support staff learning and student outcomes have improved significantly.

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From the sandpit to the classroom

'The biggest deals these days are done in the sandpit, not on the golf course.' Read how three mothers started their own early years education centre.

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What do you wish you'd known back then?

This month's video vox pop asks three school leaders: What do you know now that you wish you'd known at the start of your career?

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What makes great teaching?

Do you like to praise students who complete a task that's easy for them? According to a research review, this strategy can be harmful to learning.

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Blast off on a learning adventure

A trip to Space Camp is helping one educator design a curriculum that is based on real experiences, with the aim to engage STEM students.


Student perseverance around the world

Are teenage students in Finland more likely to persevere with a problem than their counterparts in Australia? What about students in Shanghai or the US? Take a look at this Teacher infographic.

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Happy World Teachers' Day Australia

Happy World Teachers' Day, Australia. Watch our special video message and pass it on to a colleague.


Teacher says thank you

In a special video, members of the Teacher team reflect on their own school days and the educators that inspired them. 

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Mathematical concepts - context is key

Dave Tout explores a teaching model that can provide students with the challenge, the motivation and the purpose for understanding mathematics.

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Learning spaces: Don't forget the staffroom

Building new learning spaces and breathing new life into existing facilities was a great opportunity for Canberra principal Lana Read to develop her vision for the school.

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Teacher shortages

Around four out of 10 secondary principals and one in five primary principals say they have difficulties finding suitable staff to fill vacancies, a new survey indicates.

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Blended learning – how does it work?

Teacher speaks to Rebecca Tomasini - founder and CEO of The Alvo Institute. Based in California, it helps schools design and implement personalised student instruction supported by Blended Learning.