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Happy World Teachers' Day Australia

Happy World Teachers' Day, Australia. Watch our special video message and pass it on to a colleague.


Teacher says thank you

In a special video, members of the Teacher team reflect on their own school days and the educators that inspired them. 

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Mathematical concepts - context is key

Dave Tout explores a teaching model that is currently used in mathematics classrooms and explains how using a different model can provide students with the challenge, the motivation and the purpose for understanding mathematics.

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Learning spaces: Don't forget the staffroom

Building new learning spaces and breathing new life into existing facilities was a great opportunity for Canberra principal Lana Read to develop her vision for the school.

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Blended learning – how does it work?

Teacher speaks to Rebecca Tomasini - founder and CEO of The Alvo Institute. Based in California, it helps schools design and implement personalised student instruction supported by Blended Learning.

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Helping set benchmarks

A project aimed at lifting the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers and principals in Australia has released a detailed workforce profile it hopes will lead to lasting reform.


Snapshot: Indigenous educators in Australia

What percentage of Indigenous educators work in low SES areas in Australia? Find out in this Teacher infographic.


Celebrating inspirational teachers

In the lead up to World Teachers’ Day celebrations in Australia, we spoke to four connected educators at the Education Changemakers conference about their most inspiring teacher.

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Putting ‘wow’ back into science

Working with a science specialist has helped students at this South Australian school see the connections between science and the real world.

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Australian teens are up for a challenge

The results of a new international study indicate that Australian teenagers are more likely to persevere in problem-solving. 


The Research Files: Episode 5, John Buchanan

Why might early career teachers consider leaving the profession? What kind of support would encourage them to stay? Find out in the latest episode of The Research Files.


The learning crisis in numbers

How long will it take for youth to have adequate literacy skills around the world? Find out in this infographic by the EFA Global Monitoring Report and the UNESCO Institute for Statistics.

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Celebrating creativity and innovation

The annual World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Awards celebrate creative projects from across the globe. Here's a snapshot of the six winners.

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The qualities of an outstanding teacher

Associate Professor Sharon Lierse discusses how the results of a research project helped her identify seven key characteristics of an outstanding teacher.


Research in the classroom

Teacher speaks to poster presenters at this year's ACER Research Conference about a reading intervention program, and the 'teaching brain' in action.

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Distributed leadership

What is distributed leadership? What does the evidence say? And, can it work for your school? Professor Alma Harris, an expert in this area, discusses.

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Tailoring learning to the student

This Melbourne school aims to personalise student learning, so staff analyse data and then adjust learning to build on students’ skills, knowledge and understanding.

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Online NAPLAN tests are around the corner

Online NAPLAN tests that are tailored to ability and give a more precise measurement of where students are at in their learning look set to be introduced.